Happy Halloween!

We enjoyed a rather low key halloween this year...no party at our house. We did, however, attend a party with Woody Harrellson. He was on a tour promoting his organization: www.voiceyourself.org It was a good reminder to how important it is to pay attention who we are supporting with our dollars, particularly when it comes to the food we buy. Remember, we have a choice: If you buy a Dole banana at Safeway you help the rich get richer and poor people who loose their land to another banana plantation get poorer. Or you can buy an organic, fair trade banana at your local market. Just one example. At the end of his video, I was able to meet Woody (Jen knows him from old friends of hers in LA)--kinda fun.

Go here to see some more Halloween Pics: http://www.ofoto.com/I.jsp?c=8taz4t1r.bgrhusdb&x=1&y=-jsk3e0

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