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He didn't take long to make himself comfy in his new home. Rado has been described as mellow more than once. Posted by Hello

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The topic of getting puppy came up a couple months ago, and recently we began researching more seriously and even looking into local breeders and their litters. Well on Feb. 16th we picked up our new puppy. Very exciting and I already know that this is one of the biggest decisions I have made in my life. School, house, moving, jobs...they all feel small compared to being responsible for such a dependent being. I can't imagine what having a kid must feel like. Anyways, after a difficult period of coming up with a name, we chose Rado Falls. (Rado most of the time) Name after Jen and I's favorite part of Squaw Valley (where we met) to ski. Silverado is the proper name and we always looked forward to days off when we knew the conditions would be good. We would often spend the entire day riding this one lift. Well, I will once again let the pictures do the talking. I am sure there will be an abundance of photos to come as we are pretty proud parents....and of course, our puppy is the cutest puppy to ever walk the face of the earth. what do you think? Oh, by the way, Rado is a Bernese Mountain Dog.


Time for me to pipe in....

Ok, so if bush is going to go around spewing off about how Social Security is in crisis and throw around all sorts of false numbers, its time for all us little people to start fighting back in hopes that a hundred quiet voices even out one loud annoying one.

Lets start with this question. If SS is already going to come up short due to less workers than baby boomers retiring, and we (the workers) all decide to pull out some money and put it in "private" accounts, then HOW are we going to overcome the shortfall?

can somebody say tax increase.

Also, did you know, that you only pay SS tax on your income up to $90,000. So if you make $150,000 you pay the same into SS as someone making $90,000. Hello! Why not make everyone pay SS on all their income! Lets try some common sense.

More to come on this issue I am sure.


Another beautiful and unseasonably warm for this winter.  Posted by Hello