Having fun in college

Biking onto campus this morning I was stopped by an elder lady who needed directions. After sorting out where she needed to go, she thanked me and offered this:
You know I went to college once. I took my time; it was eight years before I received my degree. But I only took one class per quarter ... it sure was fun!

She then wished me a fun experience through college.


Jen's Graduation Surprise

I have been a little quite on this blog of late. So, while this is old news, I wanted to get it up here for posterity and its pretty funny. Thanks again, Yoko and Tara for making Jen's graduation special, especially since I couldn't make it. Enjoy.

First Amendment Law meets Yoga

The Law, at least in our society, is almost omnipresent across all topical areas; however, it is a rare event in my studies when the Law makes references to YOGA - one of my newer favorite pastimes. Well, I guess this isn't yoga exactly, but rather Yoga's predominent language that is mentioned when judge is discussing whether computer code should be treated as Speech for purposes of the first amendment.
If someone chose to write a novel entirely in computer object code by using strings of 1's and 0's for each letter of each word, the resulting work would be no different for constitutional purposes than if it had been written in English. The "object code" version would be incomprehensible to readers outside the programming community (and tedious to read even for most within the community), but it would be no more incomprehensible than a work written in SANSKRIT for those unversed in that language.

Universal City Studios v. Eric Corley, 273 F.3d 429 (2nd Cir.2001).