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Erik feeling guilty about calling in sic to work. Posted by Hello

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Seattle Stats

As an admitted student to Seattle University's Law school, they have been sending me all kinds of information trying to get me to commit to their school. Alot of the literature is targeted to out of towners, so much of it is about the city and the area. Here are some of the things I found interesting:

  • Population: Seattle 572,000 And suburbs 3,388,000
  • Average Rainfall: Seattle - 36.2 inches, San Fran - 19.2 inches, New York City - 40.3 inches
  • The Olympic Peninsula receives 160 inches of rain annually.
  • 96 espresso stands in downtown, Seattle
  • Seattle residents purchase more sunglasses per captia than the rest of the US
  • Washinton State is know for apples, fine wines, asparagus, wheat and salmon...all of which I enjoy from the local producers.

Come visit :)

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Does this mean I am drinking too much coffee? Rado made himself right at home at our coffee shop, this morning.  Posted by Hello


Rado likes to try an catch/eat/drink dripping water. Caught in action here, looking kinda fierce. Posted by Hello


Rado meets Dizl. Dizl is our friends Erik and Jodi's dog. She is obviously the same breed and is about nine months old. When we started searching for a pup, we quickly realized how fanatic owners of this breed are. We have now become the same way...giving extra attention to other Berners. And the dogs definately know when they are with one of their own...its fun to watch.  Posted by Hello

Rado on Daffodil Row Posted by Hello

We have become very popular people all of sudden. We can't go anywhere in public without everyone coming up and talking to us. He's a real conversation piece. And its easy to see why....he is pretty darn handsome! Posted by Hello


A very cool pic of the small eruption of Mount St. Helens on March 8th. It also shows our incredibly weak snowpack. Posted by Hello


The watering hole at puppy kindergarten. A very fun time where 10 puppies gather for lots of play and a little bit of learning....just like real kindergarten. Rado is the biggest guy in the class....but not the toughest.  Posted by Hello

Spring has arrived. It actually arrived shortly after fall as we have had the driest and warmest record. But with all the daffodils and cherry blossom out, its now official. This picture is John St. on Capitol Hill looking west at the Space needle with the Olympic Pennisula in the Background.  Posted by Hello