Kamchatka Project :: Explore to Conserve

Below is the email my friends and I spammed to all our contacts, launching our latest project:

Dear Friend,

As you know, kayaking has played a huge role in my life. This summer I
have the opportunity to realize a life long dream of using kayaking to make
a difference in the world. Our team of 6 kayakers will travel to Eastern
Siberia to explore and document 3 rivers on the Kamchatka Peninsula. We are
working with the Wild Salmon Center to survey these rivers for protection
by the Russian government. In 2009, the Russian government will make
sweeping designations and we have a unique opportunity to play a role in
this critical process.

The cost of this trip exceedes my personal budget and I am asking for your
support with this project. Your tax deductible donation of $25 or more will
make this trip possible.

To learn more please visit our website: www.kamchatkaproject.org
To donate please visit: www.active.com/donate/kamchatka

Thank you for your support,


President Obama!

President Obama

More ... including the video of this acceptance speech.

I can say without exaggeration, that I have never been more proud to be a citizen of the United States of America. Here is some video of more proud and jubilant Seattlites on the corner of Pike and Broadway.

My one personal observation from this historical event was that as I woke this morning, I heard two (black) kids on the street corner waiting for their school bus yelling, "Barack Obama! Barack Obama!"

It was just one of the many reports from around the world today that minorities sensed a new sense of pride and opportunity in this country and the world.

Progress ...



It has been a long and terrible time since tomorrow mattered as much as it does today.

* * *
Tomorrow is a place of definitions, where change may come and be welcome even in the smallest degree. Tomorrow will see millions upon millions from every national nook and cranny pour forth in celebration of their own lone and lonesome voices.

* * *
What they call change is nothing more than choice. Tomorrow is another choosing, perhaps the greatest of our lives. Something will happen, and afterward, we will know.
Tomorrow has come at last.


Pine Ridge on NPR

A story about the tribe and reservation I have been working with lately. Although this story (about voting) is not the issues my work deals with (uranium mining).



An Article and a Video

First, I have enjoyed the recent trend against bottled water (at least here in Seattle it has especially become the green target). I have never been a fan, and really tried to limit my own consumption except in instances when the convenience just outweighed all other factors. Anyway, this article highlights the real lack of common sense in buying this stuff.
Desalinated seawater from Hawaii, meanwhile, is being sold as "concentrated water" — at $33.50 for a two-ounce bottle. Like any concentrated beverage, it is supposed to be diluted before drinking, except that in this case, that means adding water to ... water.

Also, I have been on the producer of Iraq For Sale's spam list since buying the movie. Most of his subject matter I find a little too partisan and one-sided, but his latest project has been much more interesting and you can see the latest and best interview here. (30-ish minutes long). And in the producer's words:
You are not a progressive until you have seen this interview with Tom Hayden and Naomi Klein.
Not sure that I go that far, but its good.


It's the Environment Stupid

The obvious environmental impacts of plastic have long motivated me to reduce my plastic consumption. Jen's studies in Naturopathic Medicine, especially Environmental Medicine, have caused a great reduction in the plastics around our house. And this excellent article gives me even more motivation to NOT buy that next whatever that has more plastic in it. After all,
Aren’t disposable razors and foam packing peanuts a poor consolation prize for the destruction of the world’s oceans, not to mention our own bodies and the health of future generations? “If ‘more is better’ and that’s the only mantra we have, we’re doomed,” Moore says, summing it up.

So as,
awareness of just how hard we’ve bitch-slapped the planet is skyrocketing.

Remember to do something this Fall!


Going Bananas, Gone?

Bananas now represent a special significance in my life. I can actually attribute bananas in a large part to where I am today. Cliche as it may sound, I was literally sitting in a bus, riding across the landscape of Ecuador (in 2000), reading The Ecology of Commerce, and watching thousands of acres of banana plantations go by. All the while these bananas were being sprayed with pesticides by farmworkers wearing only a bandanna for protection. It was at this point I decided I wanted to work in a career that could affect change in today's world. It was also at this point that I became committed to eating locally and organic as often as possible. Eventually, I would meet Jen, we would move to Seattle, she would study Naturopathic Medicine and learn that Bananas are mucogenic. She would eventually convince me to give up bananas in my diet (at least in my purchases). I fought a little, given the convenience and affordability of bananas, but ultimately what they represent in corporate oppression and a huge eco-footprint made the choice easy enough. Now I do not even miss them.

Anyways, that was a long-winded way of saying that I found this recent article in the Seattle PI particularly interesting ... and of course, I recommend it!


Five Words

Patagonia's The Cleanest Line, one of my favorite blogs, has a recent post I think is worth archiving and keeping an eye on as I think the comments will be great.

Check it out.


Revelstoke, BC

Just wanted to record a few useful links from out recent trip up there. The occasion was to celebrate me finishing the bar, and Jen's Birthday which was the first day of the bar exam, and thus, was not properly celebrated.

We stayed in town at Revelstoke Lodge, which was nice as far as motels go and cheap - $80 for a queen size bed.

We spotted this place and wish we could have stayed there. Its a little pricier, but would be nice ... especially with another couple.

The Mountain is amazing ... can't wait to go back.