More Fun in Intellectual Property Class

House of Cosby's ... ever heard of it. I hadn't, but I guess it is/was pretty popular. Here is the first episode which will give you the gist:

See the full series (episodes #1-4) HERE

Do you think this should be illegal? Bill Cosby does/did. But see the response from House of Cosby Fans (not the original producer) in the above link (episode #5). Warning: not for sensitive eyes or ears.


Loving Seattle Right Now

This spring and summer I was really missing life in a small town--specifically a mountain town. But at the very moment I am digging life in Seattle. Partly because Fall in Seattle is out of control. I don't even the remember the last time I saw a cloud, besides some morning patchy fog, which always burns off to incredibly sunny days and crisp, clear nights. And the Fall colors are spectacular. But what has motivated me to write is the city's music scene, which I rarely take advantage of. However, today, while running errands I decided to pop into ballard and catch some live music hosted by the local public radio station, KEXP. I just watched a band I have never heard of, CSS - a great Brazilian art-indie band worth checking out, and now I'm grabbing an afternoon mocha while I wait for Micheal Franti.



Fun in Intellectual Property Class

My IP class is by far my most fun course of the semester. We are constantly listening to music, watching movies, surfing the web and examining other forms of pop culture and how they relate to trademarks, copyrights, and patents - the backbone of Intellectual Property Law.

This is an area of law I have taken a particular interest in as of recently. This interest is especially sparked in regards to the public interest as it relates to issues within this field. We had a guest speaker today, COLETTE VOGELE, who specializes in podcasting.

She began with this VIDEO.

What do you think? Do you think that should be illegal????

Here are some other resources if your interest is piqued.
A NonProfit Center at Stanford with lots of info if you dig a little
A free book and related topics


A picture for Mom.

Bryan and Lise-Anne's Wedding at Skookumchuck, BC over the last weekend in September. They are good friends of mine who live in Squamish, BC.

Dr. Dan. He founded and runs the clinic in East Timor where she has volunteered for the last two years. According to Jen, he is amazing and gives every waking moment to this clinic and the community.

Jen's best friends in East Timor ... the two little girls she lives with.

Jen's East Timor Family