Giving plant to the neighbors.

Saturday provided a break in the weather and allowed Jen to do some thinning in here garden.

The day after Thanksgiving, we burned off some calories powder skiing at Crystal Mtn. You can learn more about this adventure at www.SurfaceHoar.blogspot.com

Thanksgiving 06 - Joining us this year, in addition to Jen's Mom and Aunt Janet, were Jen's friend Olivia and her Mom, "M," and my friend, Todd Gillman.


Install more of these ...

To any city planners that may be reading, I would like to request more of these:

After toughing it out this week on the bike (we have recieved record rainfalls over the last couple days) and dealing with an angry driver this morning in his big monster truck, I am very anti-car at the moment. Go Bollards!
Thanks for sending me the link, Orion.