Thanksgiving - Bastyr Style

An awesome Thanksgiving dinner last night hosted by Chrissy Amicone and April Ferris and Graham Blake. If you have never been to a Bastyr potluck, I'll give you a little idea of what its like by the menu:

Turkey (suprisingly, a Real Bird); Vegan Sweet Potatoes; Wheat Free, Sugar Free, Vegan Cornbread; Mashed Potatoes; Vegan Raw Spinach Soup; "Real" Sweet Potatoes with Jack Daniels; Vegan Mashed Potatoes; Green Pea Casserole with Faken Bacon; Really Good Cranberry sauce; Gluten Free Pumpkin Pie; Tiramasu; Wheat Free, Sugar, Vegan Pumpkin Pie, and so on.

Nevertheless, Everything was amazing, and I don't think I will have to eat for a couple days...but if I do I have leftovers for a week :)


LVM #14

I hosted the newest LVM video tonight at Red Hook--#14. This one featured Tatlow Creek, which I filmed this august. An awesome creek, and awesome to see the crew on the big screen.

Check out LVM here: www.lunchmag.tv

Check out Tatlow Creek: www.bodyboatblade.com/video/Tatlow.wmv


Saving the Ashlu

After returning from Colorado last night I woke up early and headed north to meet Bryan Smith for a mission to save the Ashlu. It was the final meeting, and the last chance to comment on the proposed Micro Hydro Project on the Ashlu River. Before the meeting, however, we met Jonaven for a celebration of the Ashlu by running the Box canyon. It turned out to be quite high and pumpy, especially for Bryan's first run. But we all made it through, and feeling charged, we headed to town to voice our opinion about this special river. There was a big crowd with several people for and against the project. We can only wait and hope now.


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The Best MEN! Check out my dad looking good in a suit :) Posted by Hello


Little Brother's Big Wedding

I recently got back from a great trip to Colorado for my Brother's wedding. He and Ashley got married on Nov. 13th in Ft. Collins, CO. They had several friends and family come up and join them for both the ceremony and the reception. It was a great opportunity for me to see much of my large family, as well as many friends. I also enjoyed spending a few days in the old college stomping grounds with two nights out in Old Town Ft. Collins. Then we spent a night at Dave and Tami's in Longmont before heading up to Buena Vista for a couple days to say hello to CKS and the new kids, as well as a quick stop in Summit County. A quick but productive trip as always to Colorado.

Check out more of the pictures here:


Shades of Purple. While I am not excited about the outcome of the election. This may gives a better perspective on our "not-so" divided nation.Posted by Hello