Thanksgiving - Bastyr Style

An awesome Thanksgiving dinner last night hosted by Chrissy Amicone and April Ferris and Graham Blake. If you have never been to a Bastyr potluck, I'll give you a little idea of what its like by the menu:

Turkey (suprisingly, a Real Bird); Vegan Sweet Potatoes; Wheat Free, Sugar Free, Vegan Cornbread; Mashed Potatoes; Vegan Raw Spinach Soup; "Real" Sweet Potatoes with Jack Daniels; Vegan Mashed Potatoes; Green Pea Casserole with Faken Bacon; Really Good Cranberry sauce; Gluten Free Pumpkin Pie; Tiramasu; Wheat Free, Sugar, Vegan Pumpkin Pie, and so on.

Nevertheless, Everything was amazing, and I don't think I will have to eat for a couple days...but if I do I have leftovers for a week :)

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