This is the time of year when Seattle becomes a little challenging. Sun basically comes up about 8 am and then you have 8 hours of gray before it sets again at 4 pm. Its cold, but not cold enough to snow. Luckily I don't work in an office, and the sun does usually pop out for a couple hours, so I am lucky enough to be one of those people who notices. And if we can just make it to Dec. 21st, then our daylight will start to grow again. And finally, it its supposed to dump in the mountains this weekend, so I'll soon be schushing down the mountains. I don't know how non-skiers/boarders survive the NW. So I guess its not all that bad.

Oh yeah, we Seattlites also, love our coffee this time of the year. Jen and I add Cupcakes to that love at our local coffee shop/cupcake bakery: http://veritecoffee.com/

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