Little Brother's Big Wedding

I recently got back from a great trip to Colorado for my Brother's wedding. He and Ashley got married on Nov. 13th in Ft. Collins, CO. They had several friends and family come up and join them for both the ceremony and the reception. It was a great opportunity for me to see much of my large family, as well as many friends. I also enjoyed spending a few days in the old college stomping grounds with two nights out in Old Town Ft. Collins. Then we spent a night at Dave and Tami's in Longmont before heading up to Buena Vista for a couple days to say hello to CKS and the new kids, as well as a quick stop in Summit County. A quick but productive trip as always to Colorado.

Check out more of the pictures here:

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Liquidlogic said...

Hey Shane
Thanks for checking out my blog.
Well done on yours.
How is the paddling?
I love Skook as well.