Time for me to pipe in....

Ok, so if bush is going to go around spewing off about how Social Security is in crisis and throw around all sorts of false numbers, its time for all us little people to start fighting back in hopes that a hundred quiet voices even out one loud annoying one.

Lets start with this question. If SS is already going to come up short due to less workers than baby boomers retiring, and we (the workers) all decide to pull out some money and put it in "private" accounts, then HOW are we going to overcome the shortfall?

can somebody say tax increase.

Also, did you know, that you only pay SS tax on your income up to $90,000. So if you make $150,000 you pay the same into SS as someone making $90,000. Hello! Why not make everyone pay SS on all their income! Lets try some common sense.

More to come on this issue I am sure.

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lizandadam said...

what up Shaner. nice to see a few people aren't afraid to shre their opinions of our horrible leader. his forien policy sure is not making our travels any easier. hope all is well and you get plenty of snow pack. I got e-mail photos from a friend at stevens pass that there are lots of avalanches in the area ... be careful. take care farmer