The Mine Run

After waking up early (and Bryan waking earlier), loading the cars, stopping for coffee, stopping for gas, stopping again for US-tax-payer's-subsidized-cheaper gas before the border we finally made it into Canada and met Bryan Urakawa in Squamish. A quick lunch followed by some "original Thai formula" Red Bull (not that the four cases in our cars weren't already enough), and we were headed up the Ashlu. After manuevering around the heli-logging operations (yes, they are up there now, too) we parked at the bridge, followed Jonaven's well cut trail along the river left of the box canyon, scouting all the necessary rapids. (by the way, they are all necessary) While the Connor was ready to fire up 50/50, Bryan and myself, voiced the concern of the dwindling daylight. That coupled with the fact that none of us had been through the Box, and we opted for the Mine Run. I quickly experienced the Mine Run's changes since the flood with a little hole surf in the Mine Rapid. For those of you who don't yet know, you now have to move rather aggresively to the right at the big boulder. From here, I showed the gang how to run the lower mine drop upside down...so much for a guide down the mine run!? Eventually we came to the portage. I had heard the stories of this eddy changing and people missing it and swimming the portage, and while sitting above this eddy I was very happy to hear that Bryan was willing to be the first to catch this eddy. Another note to people headed for this river: This eddy is very small, guarded a little by a rock and requires punching a lateral to catch--be prepared. One more near tandem surf below the Mini-mine run put-in by Evan and myself, and we were at "last tango". A few pitons by the kids as the old guys gave boof lessons and we were hiking up to the truck with a few minutes to spare before darkness.

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