The Thompson River

The adventure for this past weekend was a trip with Jen up to the Thompson river, which is located on the east side of the Costal Mountains. The Thompson is a big river known best for the Frog Wave which comes in during the low water of fall. Its also relatively warm (water and air), and with a good forcast seemed like a good trip for Jen. We met Jonaven and Nicola from Squamish and Pemberton, respectively. After a long, late drive Friday night, we crashed in the back of the truck across the street from Kumsheen Rafting. The next morning, we met up with the Jonaven and Nicola and headed to the booming town of Lytton in search of coffee. They informed us that the gauge was off, and the frog wave was flushed. This only seemed to concern the boyfriends, looking to grab a few surfs :)

We eventually made it to the river and were quickly into the rapids. While I thought it was fun to be riding down the 25,000 cfs, playing in the whirlpools, Jen had a different perspective. She was pretty gripped, as this was hands down the biggest water she had been in. She was doing great, even nailing a few rolls in the swirly water. Then, as she says, "the wave just opened its jaws and swallowed me." Well, the rapid was named Jaws, and she got surfed on the eddy line, until she had to swim. She made it to shore quickly, and we got her into the sun to dry out. After her swim the rapids mellowed out and she enjoyed the 2nd half of the trip more.

Jonaven showed us an awesome campsite, accessed by big purple, and 4wd low! We all scarfed down some dinner and hot cocoas, and called it a night. Jonaven and Nicola had to run back to squamish to "save the ashlu" and Jen said she had enough big water for the weekend, so we headed home, via Vancouver.

My favorite part of the trip was scouting out the Stein River (from afar). I'll definately be heading back for that one!

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