The Box Canyon of the Ashlu

The Box has been on my hitlist since the first time I drove up the Ashlu River and looked down at 50/50 and the entrance in to "Commitment Canyon". It has also grown in mystery to what actually is in the canyon, hearing stories of difficult rapids and always seeing it at raging high levels. However, this run has eluded me for various reasons in the past, including earlier in this trip, and while tired and sore from the previous day, Jonaven was set to guide us down in the afternoon. So it was on! Connor, Jonaven and myself all stepped up to run 50/50 and Evan met us below the diagonal ledge, that we all opted out of. From here, it was through the most continuous section taking us through engagement drop, and into the heart of the Box canyon. While the first section is beautiful and should be hiked by everyone, even if they have no interest in running the box, it is below engagement drop when you realize how lucky you are as a kayaker to be able to see canyons like these where there is virtually no access except by kayak. The remainder of the Box Canyon is an incredible section of river. The beauty is unsurpassed, and the drops are both fun and challenging, yet surprising clean with manageable lines. Unfortunately this section of river is severly threatened by a micro-hydro project. This decision will be made very soon, and comments are still being considered. If you have any interest in seeing this canyon as I saw it, please go to the link below, click on take action and write a short letter explaining your disapproval of the project. The Squamish-Lillooet Regional District and its board members will have the final say. And even more important.....go see this river...NOW!


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