Fall In The Wall

Connor Finney and Evan Ross drove from Colorado through some inclement weather arriving last night for the BC Birthday Boating week. We all started watching the gauges getting excited about the options while we waited for Todd Gillman to arrive via plane. Two years ago, Todd, came to visit me in Squaw and landed during a blizzard where I sped him to the hill to shred the new powder. We were looking to repeat this experience with a drive from the airport to Earnies, but the flow was a little higher than the group was looking for so we headed to Fall in the Wall for a warm up for our week. After picking up Bryan Urakawa, we enjoyed a Wyoming Trip reunion (see below). FITW, while on the low end, turned out to be exactly what everyone was into--a few waterfalls and slides that were not too demanding.....isn't that what every kayaker is into??? However, Connor and Evan weren't totatly satisfied until the ran the drop below Rootball, while all the old guys ran safety. This run started the trend that would become the signature of the trip...taking off the river with about ten minutes of daylight remaining.

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