Images from Spain

I've been trying to motivate and draft a good update, but some photos with brief descriptions will have to suffice for now:

This is the Plaza Mayor in the heart of the city. Madrid is famous for its expansive plazas throughout the city where cafes usually sprawl onto the sidewalk and fill every table during lunch. As you walk through the streets you almost stumble onto this plaza as you enter through arches like this.

A Madrid Garden:

A day at the bullfights. Stay tuned for a more PG-13 post on the subject if you care to know more at all.

Another shot of the Plaza Mayor; this one from within. Once you have stumbled in, you are surrounded by buildings like this in all directions and must escape through one of the arches ... somewhat disorienting.

Some high-brow site seeing ... The Royal Palace.

The art museum - Renia Sofia, full of modern art including many works of Picasso and Dali

The famous Museo del Prado

And the also famous ... Milou

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