Kayaking in Spain

A quick update ...

The goal last weekend was to try and go kayaking. I left Madrid with only a little direction from a contact I had made via the Internets. That led me to Murillo de Gallego, where I found a very small town with a couple raft company, and therefore, raft guides, extra gear and of course good people.

My Internet friend and now real friend, Leide and Raul, picked me up the next morning and took me to the Pyrenees to the town of Torlo on the Rio Ara and to the Ordesa National Park.


From there, I was handed off to more kayakers from Madrid who took me to Plan (that is the name of the village pictured) and the Rio Cinqueta - The Classic Section - and ultimately, all the way back to my place in Madrid.

It goes without saying that it was hugely successful weekend that I enjoyed thoroughly, especially because I had low expectations for actually pulling all the logistics together with minimal gear and no transport. The Spainish boaters were overly accommodating and thus, I am joining them again for another weekend of fun in the rivers and mountains. I'll post a big trip report soon at www.theRangeLife.com and more general reports from Spain coming soon here as well.



Anonymous said...

its about time your slacker ass got back in a boat.


Shane Robinson said...

Que? Who is this? No really, who is this? :)

What I only took two weeks off from Seattle to Spanish boating. Now another two-ish weeks, before I get back to the NW rivers. I think that is pretty good considering I didn't even know a Spainard that kayaked when I arrived in country. But anyway, it felt good to get in a little foreign paddling.

Now really, who is this?

rcee said...


Hey, sorry to post here in the comments, but I've been trying to find your email address for days now and this was my last resort. My girlfriend, Stevie Phillips, gave me your name but couldn't locate your email. If you could please email me as soon as you get this, I would really appreciate it. It's in regard to SU Law School. Thanks,