Spain Wrap-Up

Ok, I have been trying to sum up my recent study-abroad trip to Madrid, Spain for friends, family and memory's sake. I am getting tired of typing and explaining, so I'm gonna let the photos do most of the talking at this point. Feel free to comment with questions if you are curious. Also, there are several other posts about Spain below this post, so keep scrolling down until you get bored ... (or I think you can click "Spain" in the labels to get all the posts. Cheers.

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Kathy Young said...

Hey Shane!

Your pics make Madrid and Spain in general seem so much better than I even remember!! It was so good getting to meet you and spend some time together in the last few days! I hope you're having a great time in Peru (if you're still there...) I'm finally home from Europe after spending 3 more weeks in Brussels and a little bit of time traveling. The summer's just flying by!

Take care of yourself, wherever you are, and have a great next year!