Bullfighting - Fan or Hater?

I was very intrigued to learn more about Spanish bullfighting. This interest, which may seem peculiar to some of my friends, stems from my family's participation in Mexican bullfighting. My Aunt Carole was one of the first women to ever bullfight in Mexico, and my Dad and his brothers and sisters used to all go to Mexico for the weekend to watch the fights when they lived in SoCal. Add to that the paintings of both my Dad and my Aunt that hung in our house, watching a bullfight on my first trip to Mexico - Mazatlan - and a unique understanding of human's relationship with animals and killing them, whether it be for food, sport, or art (in this case), since I grew up in a ranching family. But this post will only be a tease, as I want to incorporate more family history for posterity into a more complete story. So stay tuned if you are interested ... otherwise, fear not ... no bloodshed to come for a month or so.

One picture and a short video for a teaser:

A poor performance by the videographer (taken on my still camera, so I forgot that I could not turn the camera to frame the shot ... doh!) But an impressive performance by the Matador and even more so by the horse makes this still worth turning your head to watch:

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